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Red Flags for Drug Abuse, Addiction, or Diversion

Red Flags for Drug Abuse, Addiction, or Diversion

  • Early refills/claims that the medications were lost or stolen—even with a police report
  • Age 35 years or younger, especially combined with other red flags
  • Concurrent use of multiple pharmacies
  • Obtaining controlled substances from multiple physicians or “doctor shopping”
  • Excessive amounts or drug combinations
  • Obtaining or buying controlled substances from family, friends, or others
  • Giving or selling controlled substances to family, friends, or others
  • Use/abuse of alcohol or drugs—current or past
  • Use of tetrahydrocannabinol/marijuana, even with a medical marijuana card
  • Use of drug culture street lingo for the names of the medications or other drugs
  • Inconsistent results from urine drug screens or the prescription drug monitoring program report
  • Patients driving long distances to see the physician for controlled substances
  • Multiple family members or those residing in the same household receiving identical or similar controlled substances
  • Similar or identical prescribing (eg, medication selection, strengths) regardless of specifics of symptoms such as pain severity, examination findings, diagnosis, etc (lack of individual management plans)
  • Failure to improve without adjustment of management plan
  • Drug overdoses

Note: Presence of any red flag necessitates additional information to confirm.