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Texas lawmakers limit opioid prescriptions for acute pain patients

Texas lawmakers last month gave final approval to a bill that will limit opioid prescriptions for acute pain to a 10-day supply, one of several measures passed this session aimed at tackling the state’s opioid overdose crisis.

House Bill 2174 now goes to Gov. Greg Abbott’s desk to be signed into law. He has until June 16 to do so or otherwise veto it.

The legislation, authored by Rep. John Zerwas, R-Katy, also requires that all opioid prescriptions be sent to pharmacies electronically to cut down on the number of fraudulent written prescriptions.

Zerwas said the two measures would help address prescription opioid misuse in Texas. He said the less time people are on the medication, the less likely they are to become addicted. The legislation also seeks to reduce the amount of leftover medication, which could be taken by someone else or diverted for illegal use, he said.

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    Eddie Huntsman

    this is B****S****!!. I wish the government would get out of my doctor’s
    office. They are in the middle of a doctor/patient relation for no reason.
    I have been denied meds that I have taken for years ( Degenerative Spine
    Disorder). I would like them (lawmakers) to hurt as much I do.

  2. Reply
    Roland Holmes

    It’s about time politicians got out of the doctor’s office.
    Doctors Know Best

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    Ray Kirks

    I’m in chronic pain, I have to have my hip replaced it’s bone on bone and my doctor will only give me a 10 day supply of tremadol, now I’m out of those waiting in pain for an operation, The vets gave my dog tremadol after his surgery,is that what it’s come down to.

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    I understand the governments fears of overdoses and all but at the same time they are hurting more people that need their medication. What ever happened to my rights as a patient. I have the right not to hurt to walk, stand and enjoy life again. Now I’m in constant pain and can’t be helped because although I’m old enough to know better I’m being told by the government that I don’t need medication for my pains, to which, they don’t feel it I do.

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