Herniated Discs

A herniated disc, also known as a slipped or ruptured disc, is a common spinal condition that occurs when the soft inner core of a spinal disc protrudes through a tear in the tough outer layer. This can result in pain, numbness, or weakness. If you think you might have herniated disc pain, get a head start on your diagnosis below.

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How Do I Know If I Have a Herniated Disc?

A herniated disc can be painful and impact your daily life. To determine if you might be suffering from a herniated disc, start by understanding the causes of a herniated disc and the symptoms to be aware of. 

What Causes a Herniated Disc?

A herniated disc is typically caused by the gradual wear and tear on the spine due to aging, known as degeneration. As we age, the discs in our spine lose some of their water content, making them less flexible and more prone to damage. Other common causes include:

  • Injury or Trauma
  • Repetitive Strain
  • Poor Body Mechanics
  • Genetics


While these are common causes, it’s important to note that sometimes a herniated disc can occur without any apparent cause or injury. 

What Are the Symptoms of a Herniated Disc?

The symptoms of a herniated disc can vary depending on the location of the herniation and the degree of nerve compression. Common symptoms include:

  • Persistent, sharp or dull pain
  • Radiating pain that travels along the path of the compressed nerve, often down the arms or legs. 
  • A feeling of numbness or tingling sensation
  • Weakness in the muscles controlled by the compressed nerve. 
  • Loss of reflexes
  • Bowel or bladder dysfunction

It’s important to note that not everyone with a herniated disc will experience all of these symptoms. If you suspect you have a herniated disc or are experiencing any of these symptoms, take the first step toward a pain-free life by filling out our online condition assessment tool below. 

How is a Herniated Disc Treated?

Trying to find the best treatment and care for your herniated disc condition can be overwhelming. The right treatment for a herniated disc can vary with the severity of symptoms, the location of the herniation, and the individual’s overall health.  

Non-Surgical Treatments for a Herniated Disc

At Integrated Pain Associates, we believe in exhausting all conservative treatments for herniated disc pain before turning to minimally invasive options. Common non-surgical treatments for a herniated disc include:

  • Rest and Activity Modification
  • Pain Medication
  • Physical Therapy
  • Heat or Ice Packs
  • Epidural Steroid Injections

Surgical Treatments for a Herniated Disc

If conservative treatments don’t provide sufficient relief or the herniation is severe, minimally invasive surgery may be considered.  Minimally invasive surgical treatments for a herniated disc can include:

  • Anterior or Posterior Cervical Discectomy
  • Endoscopic Foraminotomy
  • Laser Spine Surgery
  • Lumbar Endoscopic Discectomy
  • Microdiscectomy
  • Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Whether your herniated disc treatment is non-surgical or surgical, seeking help is the first step. Start your journey to pain relief by requesting an appointment below.

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