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The Integrated Pain Associates team of board-certified physicians utilize their expertise in minimally invasive procedures and pain management to provide personalized treatments that alleviate pain and restore your quality of life. Don’t live in pain. We can help.
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Upper Extremities Treatments

When the upper arm, lower arm, or hand experience degeneration or damage, it can greatly impact your life. The upper body is critical to your overall health, don’t let the pain go untreated.

Cervical / Head Treatments

The head, neck, and upper body play an important role in your body. Pain in these areas can be miserable. Don’t delay finding relief for your hand and neck pain.

Lower Extremities Treatments

Lower Extremity pain can occur for numerous reasons including overexertion and underlying conditions. Our team of experts can help you find the cause of your pain and create a personalized treatment plan for your knee, leg, and foot pain.

Lumbar / Thoracic Treatments

Pain in the lumbar or thoracic region of your body can be the result of an accident, strain, and much more. Don’t live in pain, let our team of board-certified physicians help you find relief.

Abdomen / Torso

Pain that originates or occurs in the abdomen or torso area can be extremely painful and uncomfortable. Don’t continue to live in pain, reach out to our expert team to begin your journey to pain relief.

Sacral / Pelvic

Sacral and pelvic pain can cause extreme discomfort and pain. Don’t let pain interfere with your quality of life. Get help today.

Other Treatments

Integrated Pain Associates offers additional treatment options to mitigate pain throughout the body. If you are unsure of where your pain is originating, we can help.

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